My lower back hurts... Can I just strengthen my core to alleviate my symptoms?
Although strengthening your core is most definitely something you should do to help with low back pain, we find that it doesn’t always completely relieve peoples symptoms.
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Why Are My Hands Going Numb
We often get patients in our clinic complaining that both of their hands get tingly or go numb, or may just be painful.
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Does tension really cause headaches?
Well...the answer to that question is yes...and no. Tension in the absence of dysfunction does not have to cause headaches. Let's face it, we all have stress and tension in our lives. Hard to escape it. Tension will almost always make your muscles a little tighter.
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Getting OLDER doesn't mean you have to HURT!
"My back is a little sore but I think it's just normal for someone my age." This is a statement that I've heard so many times throughout my physical therapy career. The question I have to ask is, "Why do you accept this as part of normal everyday life?"
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Mission Statement

We are a community-based, family-oriented physical therapy clinic that will provide excellent service in a friendly environment. Our therapists will utilize a full-body approach using manual therapy techniques, exercise, and various modalities to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.